A nationwide search that seeks to recognize and honor outstanding kid innovators and their achievements in their journey to innovation.

The Search for the Wyeth Nutrition Kid Innovators


In celebration of Wyeth® Nutrition’s 100 years of advancing nutrition science, it launched the nationwide Search for the Wyeth® Nutrition Kid Innovators. The Search is among the advocacy programs of Wyeth® Nutrition to help nurture every child’s potential for greatness. It helps empower kids to make a difference by sparking their innate curiosity and nurturing their love for science and passion for innovation..

Last 2017, the Search introduced an expanded set of mechanics and a new category that made the program more meaningful and inclusive. These developments widen our reach to encourage more parents and younger kids to explore the wonders of science and the power of innovation. Now, kids from ages 6 to 14 can participate in the Search by submitting their science projects and activities related to nutrition, health and wellness.

Together, let us help build a better nation, one innovation at a time.