Wyeth Lazada Gcash Promo

ELIGIBILITY AND QUALIFICATIONS The Promotion is open to all shoppers/customers of: Promil Official Store: BONAKID Official Store: PROMAMA Official Store: Collectively, (the “Participating Stores”), aged 18 years old and above. The Promotion period is from August 11 – September 11, 2019 (the “Promotion Period/ Promo Period”). By joining and participating in the […]


With You Through Every Tomorrow: How Wyeth Nutrition nourishes a healthier generation

To empower parents in providing their children with the foundation they need to build a healthier future, Wyeth Nutrition has released “With You Through Every Tomorrow,” a video to inspire parents with the promise of the future, and the different ways in which the company’s brands can help nourish healthier tomorrows for their children. “With […]


Parents, Here’s How You Can Help Your Preschooler Navigate Today’s Fast-Paced World

Children today live in the high-speed lane, with jam-packed schedules and difficult lessons. These can place them under a huge amount of pressure and stress. As a result, they end up feeling overwhelmed and anxious, which can hinder proper growth and learning. But let’s face it: there’s no stopping today’s fast-paced world. All we can do as […]