Our story began in 1860 when the Wyeth brothers, John and Frank Wyeth opened a drugstore at Walnut Street, Philadelphia. Fifty years later, Dr. Henry Gerstenberg developed a nutritionally complete formulation, the G-R milk—the precursor to Synthetic Milk Adapted (SMA). Extensive clinical studies at a Cleveland hospital then established SMA, which became the first commercially produced and distributed synthetic milk in the United States in 1921. The business was eventually sold in 1932 to American Home Products Corporation (AHP) of New York.

Though SMA started importation to the Philippines in 1925, the joint venture between A.T. Suaco and AHP in 1958 marked the beginning of the Wyeth nutrition and pharmaceutical business in the country. This collaboration was also recognized as the first Philippine-American tie-up in the pharmaceutical industry, under the official name Wyeth Suaco Laboratories, Inc. (WSL). In 1964, WSL was inaugurated as the first manufacturing plant for infant nutrition products in the country with its first facility in Makati.

In 1987, WSL merged with Ayerst International, and subsequently acquired A.H. Robins. WSL began construction of a huge nutritional manufacturing facility in 1990 in Cabuyao, Laguna, which became fully operational after two years. WSL then changed its name to Wyeth Philippines, Inc. (WPI) in 1993.

Pfizer globally acquired the business in 2009, and the nutrition arm of Wyeth became Pfizer Nutrition. At the end of 2012, Pfizer announced its strategic alternative and Nestle S.A. completed the acquisition of Pfizer Nutrition—now recognized as Wyeth Nutrition.

Today, Wyeth Nutrition continues to be a leading global brand.


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