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Wyeth Nutrition Product Safety in the time of COVID-19

In these unprecedented times, despite the fluctuating and rapidly evolving situation, mothers continue to put the integrity, quality, and safety of the milk products they give to their children above all else.

Amidst all these, Wyeth Nutrition remains steadfast in our commitment to the health and safety of our employees, business partners, and the communities in which we operate. Our stringent standards for hygiene and quality have been reinforced with the same safety measures in our factory, our offices, and our distribution centers.
With these measures in place, we would like to assure our consumers that all Wyeth Nutrition products are safe for consumption. Our manufacturing processes ensure that no viruses or any other foreign elements can get in, and that only the high-quality milk that mothers and their children deserve are made available to our consumers.
We are a company driven by passion and dedication, and we are working our hardest to ensure that Filipino families have access to the best nutrition that we can give. Now, more than ever, Wyeth Nutrition will do its utmost to nourish healthier tomorrows. 

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