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PROMIL GOLD® FOUR is Wyeth Nutrition’s first and only milk brand with breakthrough ALPHA-LIPIDS. ALPHA-LIPIDS is a unique ingredient scientifically shown to help speed-up brain connections by up to 100x faster through myelination - a critical process where brain connections are insulated so that messages are transmitted faster and more efficiently.

The latest breakthrough in brain development, designed by experts.
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Specially formulated to help children reach their full potential and nurture their natural talents.

Created to support the nutritional needs of children 3+, with growth, energy and immunity nutrients so they can grow up to be Batang May Laban.

Specially made with 100% organic milk sourced from organic-certified dairy farms, and formulated with DHA & AA to help support learning.

Scientifically designed to support women during
pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation with Pro-Mommy and Pro-Baby nutrients that help support strong maternal nutrition.