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Empowering stay-at-home moms to support their families

In partnership with Plush & Play and Google Digiskarteng Pinay, Wyeth Nutrition will help moms build their livelihood through the creation of cloth books and teaching nutrition education. Through this initiative, Wyeth Nutrition aims to give back to communities and empower them to nourish healthier tomorrows for their families.

Win against plastic
Advocating against use of plastic waste

Wyeth Nutrition is committed to nurturing a healthier generation of Filipino children not only by providing them with quality nutrition but also by ensuring that they grow up in a thriving and healthy environment. As part of this commitment, we launched our own plastic pollution reduction program in collaboration with Clean Our Oceans Project, with the aim of continuing to ensure the sustainability of the planet.

Wyeth Nutrition brands are certified plastic neutral
Wyeth Nutrition brands are certified plastic neutral

Plastic neutral means that Wyeth Nutrition has succeeded in collecting and eliminating the amount of plastic equivalent to what was generated from our packaging last year. In an effort to ramp up sustainability efforts, Wyeth Nutrition partnered with Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) to co-process more than 820,000 kilograms of plastic through PCX’s offset operations to help stop the flow of plastic litter into the ocean.