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Bonakid Pre-School 3+ releases “Duck, Cover, Hold!” reminder for earthquake preparedness


Bonakid Pre-School 3+ reinforces safety-first and disaster-preparedness in its latest video posted on its website. The informative video comes in the form of a catchy sing-along that lists what parents can teach their #BatangMayLaban to stay safe in case of earthquakes. The important reminder comes in the wake of a 6-magnitude earthquake that hit Manila and parts of Luzon on April 22, with a second major 6.2-magniture quake hitting Visayas a day after. A 4.5 magnitude aftershock hit Zambales in the early morning of April 24.

Raising a #BatangMayLaban starts with being prepared para sa mga Laban Sa Buhay. With these tips, Bonakid Pre-School 3+ ensures that you and your #BatangMayLaban are ready for whatever life throws your way!

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