PROMIL GOLD® FOUR earns high engagement in Rappler series "Raising AlphaKids while at home"

Promil Gold Four Raising AlphaKids While At Home

PROMIL GOLD® FOUR in partnership with Rappler launched a webcast info-series to help parents conquer the challenge of raising their AlphaKids at home! Alpha Experts in the fields of Psychology, Nutrition, and Education shared advice on keeping AlphaKids ahead even at home, leveraging the role of technology in their children’s learning and brain development, ensuring AlphaKids’ nutrition, and continuing education for AlphaKids at home. Equipped with these learnings, parents who tuned in to the series were more than ready to raise their children to think fast in the new reality!

The sessions featured host and celebrity mom Issa Litton, and experts Dr. Michele Alignay (Family Life Psychologist), Dr. Queena Lee-Chua (Psychologist and co-author of “Growing Up Wired”), Mary Jude Icasiano (Wyeth Nutrition’s Nutritionist and Food Scientist), and Ani Almario (co-founder and school director of The Raya School).

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