Get Php 100 Mercury Drug eGift Certificates when you Refer a Friend!

Invite a friend to download and upload their receipts on the Wyeth Nourishing Rewards app to get Php 100 Mercury Drug eGift Certificates.

  1. The referral code must be manually added in the Sign-up or Registration Form.
  2. The new user or referred should complete a transaction of earning points before the reward is given to the referrer.
  3. The Referrer has a limit of five (5) referrals per month. If the limit is reached, the linking as a referral will still proceed; however, no instant rewards will be given.
  4. The referral code can be shared via:
    1. Copying the Referral Code and shared externally
    2. Use Share to Facebook to post
    3. Use the native sharing feature of the user’s device

Download the Wyeth Nourishing Rewards App Now: 

Rewards App

Apple Store Google Play

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