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Real Parents Face Modern Problems Together: The Wyeth Nutrition ParenTeam Podcast

Wyeth Nutrition ParenTeam Podcast

ParenTeam rounds up fellow parents and experts to help you survive and thrive in the realities of modern parenting! The first season of the ParenTeam podcast officially went live on all major platforms including Apple and Spotify last May. Join hosts Gelli Victor and JC Alelis as they, together with guest parenting experts, touch on topics ranging from “Debunking Pregnancy myths” with Dr. Gia Sison, Medicinal Doctor and Head of Women’s Wellness Center in Makati Medical Center; “Dad Dynamics with Big D” on deliberate parenting with Dennis Poliquit, popular broadcaster and father of 5 kids; the pressures of motherhood in “The Myth of the Perfect Mom” with former radio DJ and broadcaster Monica Francesca Tobias; and “Grit and Parenting” with voice actor, baker, and fitness guru Anne Asis-Carillo.

All 12 episodes of Season 1 are now available, so make sure to subscribe and listen at your own time!

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