Whatever tomorrow brings, Wyeth Nutrition will be there

Whatever Tomorrow Brings, Wyeth Nutrition will be there

For over 100 years, Wyeth Nutrition has developed and produced only the most premium nutritional products to nourish healthier tomorrows. With the growing day-by-day concerns of parents in these current times, the company’s commitment to Filipino families remains steadfast. And that commitment starts at the Wyeth Nutrition Canlubang Factory, where consumers are ensured that they get only safe, quality nutrition – no more, and no less.

In the Factory, every Wyeth Nutrition product, from BONAKID PRE-SCHOOL® 3+ to PROMIL GOLD® Four, and PROMIL FOUR®, undergoes rigid inspection in every step of the production process, passing through high heat pressure to remove any impurities – all to ensure SAFETY. The Factory adheres to global standards and protocols to ensure that only the highest QUALITY of milk is made. Furthermore, an advanced resource-planning system is utilized to ensure that only the exact kind and amount of premium ingredients are used for milk production. Nutrients are evenly distributed into each tiny particle of milk to ensure that all our products have the right amount of NUTRITION scientifically designed to meet the needs of Filipino children.

Finally, it’s the credible people behind the machines, the ones working tirelessly regardless of the circumstances, that represent the heart of Wyeth Nutrition and its science-based processes. It is the people that ensure that every box or can of milk that reaches your doorstep is the safest, highest quality nutrition.
As Filipino families continue to feel uncertainty during these trying times, Wyeth Nutrition is all the more resolute in ensuring care for them, in being there for whatever tomorrow brings – through every battle shared, every discovery waiting to happen, and every gift to be nurtured. Driven by this purpose, Wyeth Nutrition forges a partnership with parents that is stronger than any of their fears. 

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