PROMIL GOLD® FOUR's Alpha Experts Live helps parents boost their AlphaKid's brain development

Promil Gold Four Alpha Experts Live

PROMIL GOLD® FOUR’s Alpha Experts Live was launched to address parents’ questions on helping their children think fast in the current times! The 4 sessions featured experts in Pediatric Medicine and Child Development who tackled topics on mental wellness and how to boost brain development of your AlphaKid even at home. Those tuning in learned important tips on preparing their child for changes or the new normal, honing their child’s mental abilities through home activities, and making one’s home an environment conducive for learning. With the help of Alpha Experts, parents are well-equipped to raise their AlphaKid regardless of what tomorrow brings!

The sessions featured experts Dr. Lourdes S. Tanchanco (Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician), Dr. Loudella C. Castillo (Child Neurologist), Dr. Sabrina C. Tan (Licensed Child Psychologist), Dr. Joselyn A. Eusebio (Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician), Edric Mendoza (Chairman, Homeschool Global), and celebrity mom and host Patty Laurel-Filart.

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